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Hydraulic Punch Press

Advantages of Hydraulic punch press
  • Prestressed Frame
    The prestressed machine frame improves the anti-fatigue performance and rigidity, leading to better quality stamping press.
  • Well-Designed Cylinder
    With an articulated hinge rod, the cylinder reduces the force applied on the movable beam, guide sleeve and sealing joint, which prolongs the lifespan of sealing joint and guide sleeve.
  • High-Precision Guide Structure
    The X-shaped guide structure shows high accuracy, long service life and good thermal radiation resistance.
  • High Manufacture Standard
    Equipped with sophisticated components, the hydraulic stamping press satisfied a high industrial standard for stamping parts.
  • Computer Calculation
    Before starting manufacture, the operator can import the change curve graph into the computer for calculating the exact stamping force for the manufacture.
Here are punch press examples used by our customers as follows

Hydraulic Deep Drawing Press Line

  • 45MN punching-drawing press unit
  • Large-scale punching-drawing press unit

Hydraulic Plate Punch Press

  • 40MN hydraulic punching press

Water Hydraulic Punch Press

  • 25MN water type punch press
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