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    1. Heavy Extrusion Press
    2. Heavy Extrusion Press
      Since 1962, our company has been studying extrusion press and successively launched nearly 400 sets of extrusion press for aluminum, copper, magnesium, steel and carbon. Extrusion presses offered by our company range from 5MN to 235MN, accounting for 80% of the medium- and large-scale extrusion presses on China’s market.
    1. Hydraulic Forging Press
    2. Hydraulic Forging Press
      The open die forging presses offered by our company have many types. Sorted by structure, the presses have double-column oblique type and four-column type. The open die forging press also has two transmission ways, hydraulic pressure and oil pressure.
    1. Hydraulic Punch Press
    2. Hydraulic Punch Press
      The prestressed machine frame improves the anti-fatigue performance and rigidity, leading to better quality stamping press. The X-shaped guide structure shows high accuracy, long service life and good thermal radiation resistance.
    1. Other Hydraulic Machines
    2. Other Hydraulic Machines
      The hydraulic press is especially designed for electrode manufacture and most often uses titanium sponge, zirconium sponge, rare metal particles as raw materials. The final electrodes are widely used for producing titanium, titanium alloy, zirconium and zirconium alloy in aviation and nuclear power stations, etc.
    1. Train Wheel Manufacturing Solution
    2. Train Wheel Manufacturing Solution
      Our company is able to undertake the design, process, manufacture, test, supply, trial run and other related service. If demanded, we can also provide turnkey service and complete continuous production of train wheels in accordance with industrial technical parameters.