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Other Hydraulic Machines

    1. Metal Electrode Hydraulic Press
    2. Metal Electrode Hydraulic Press
      The hydraulic press is especially designed for electrode manufacture and most often uses titanium sponge, zirconium sponge, rare metal particles as raw materials. The final electrodes are widely used for producing titanium, titanium alloy, zirconium and zirconium alloy in aviation and nuclear power stations, etc.
    1. Titanium Sponge Hydraulic Press
    2. Titanium Sponge Hydraulic Press
      The hydraulic press is intended for titanium sponge compaction and makes titanium sponge as raw material. Now, we mainly manufacture 12.5MN, 15MN, 18MN and 20MN hydraulic presses, with superior quality and a domestic market share of over 90%. If you have special requirements, tailor-made press is also provided.
    1. Diamond Hydraulic Press
    2. Diamond Hydraulic Press
      Designed with high efficiency and stable quality, the hydraulic press for diamond compaction is well received in many countries. These following types are accessible on the market: 10MN, 20MN, 25MN, 31.5MN, 50MN and 60MN. Upon request, we also supply customized diamond compacting press.
    1. Flattening Press
    2. Flattening Press
      The flatterner is most often used for flattening large-scale thick steel plates. When working, the pressing head moves in a horizontal way while the material moving in a vertical way. Main types include 20MN, 25MN, 40MN, 42MN and 50MN.