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Casting Equipment

As for the 10,000-ton casting system, it includes an 110t-150t ladle furnace, 120t LF+VD ladle refining furnace, 80t electric furnace, 60t/h and 40t/h moveable resin mixer, 320t casting crane, 60t beam and large-scale thermal treatment furnaces (2 sets of 7.5 m×16 m×5.8m and 1 set of 11m×13m×5m). Thanks to the powerful processing machines, the 10,000 ton casting system produces 935t molten steel at a time and cast components with a gross weight of more than 600t.

Steel cast parts manufactured by our company mainly are large-scale rolling mill stand, large-scale rolling mill components, etc. After ceaseless experiments and practices for three years, we managed to produce front platens and rear platens for 225MN and 235MN horizontal single-action extrusion press, as well as upper beams, lower beams, moving beam, columns and other large cast parts for 350MN multi-direction vertical press. Plus, the column usually has a net weight of 480t and a size of 4300×7500×11500 mm.

  • 10,000-ton casting system
  • 350MN multi-direction vertical press
  • 600T lifting beam