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Heat Treat Equipment

Taiyuan Heavy Industry has great strength in heat treatment. Our company is equipped with various shaft-type heat treatment furnaces and trolley-type heat treatment furnaces. Among them, electric heating heat treatment furnace has the temperature uniformity within ±5℃. We can undertake heat treatment of machinery products, accessories for mines and factories, big forgings, forgings for power stations, pressure vessels and military products. We can also meet the process requirements for normalizing, annealing,hardening and tempering, quenching, industry-frequency, medium-frequency, superhigh-frequency and high frequency case induction heat treatment and chemical heat treatment such as carburizing and ionic nitriding of different products.

  • Heat treatment furnace group
  • 6.5x25m Heat treatment furnace
  • φ4x2m Carburizing furnace
  • Industrial frequency machine tools