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Steelmaking Equipment

As being a heavy-duty machinery producer, TYHI is equipped with versatile systems, including medium and large-scale casting system and 10,000-ton casting system.

The medium and large-scale casting system includes 15t electric arc furnaces, 25t LF(ladle furnaces)+ VOD (vacuum oxygen decarburization) furnaces, 30t electric furnaces, two 40t LF (ladle furnace) and (VD) vacuum degassing furnace, medium-scale resin-bonded sand production line, large-scale sodium silicate processing line and 7 sets of large-scale thermal processing furnaces. These efficient machines can provide 230t molten refined steel at a time, able to produce various casting components of less than 180t.

  • 80t electric furnace
  • 120t ladle refining furnace
  • 40t/h sand mixer
  • 120t LF+VD ladle refining furnace