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Design and Development

Founded in 1950s, the R&D team is responsible for the design, research and improvement of new products. This team totally has 410 employees, among which, 31 are professor-level senior engineers and 192 are senior engineers. Not only that, the team has a uniform distribution of talents in machinery, hydraulic and electricity field, ensuring no professional shortage in any field. The technology center is also a gathering place of post doctors, further guaranteeing our research and development capacity.

Through many years of careful exploration and many times of practice, we have established R&D, processing and test systems in hydraulic forging press, lifting equipment, rolling equipment, excavating machine, coking equipment, aviation machinery and many other heavy-duty machines. Passing through ISO9001 certificate, we have strong technological strength and ability to offer high-quality forging and pressing machines.

Adhering to the principle of combining self-innovation with introducing, digesting, absorbing and re-innovating, we achieve great progress in developing and upgrading new products. With a wide application of modern softwares like AM, UG, SolidWorks, MSC.Marc, Forge and ITI-SimulationX, we carry out product design, component finite element analysis and 3D design and simulation. We primarily establish a modern design system integrating modern design method, modern analysis, remote diagnosis and digital mock-up technology. As for the entire manufacture, we adopt a closed-loop management, covering all programs, such as pre-design phase computer aided analysis, 3D simulation, design assessment, virtual prototyping, design drawing, production validation and on-site supervision. We have evolved into a competitive enterprise in the forging equipment industry.

We designed and manufacture various types of forging equipment and pressing equipment one after another, such as metal extrusion press, non-metal extrusion press, open die forging press, hydraulic forging press, hydraulic punching press and other nonstandard forging presses. Up to now, we have offered 1000 sets of diverse-type heaty-duty forging and pressing machines widely used in iron and steel industry, nonferrous metals, aviation, auto and shipment industry. Our products are applied in the majority of domestic provinces and are also exported to the U.S., Korea, Japan, Pakistan, India, Romania and more.

We have won certificates and awards as follows

1. In 1999, we designed and manufactured 75MN short-stroke aluminum alloy extrusion press. By adopting the latest short-stroke pressing technology, the final product quality was greatly improved, laying the foundation of the subsequent development of aluminum materials processing equipment. Since 1999 to now, our company has developed a full series of 12.5MN-235MN short-stroke aluminum alloy extrusion presses and sold worldwide nearly 200 sets of machines. Additionally, we also realize the integration and intellectualization of our products. The 75MN short-stroke aluminum alloy extrusion press won the second prize of Shanxi Science and Technology Progress Award.

2. As aluminum alloy industry rapidly develops and market demands for aluminum alloy seamless tubes increases, we were one of the rare China's entities launching 110MN horizontal double-action short-stroke extrusion press, with independent intellectual property right as early as 2009. Such a newly-developed extrusion press was manufactured with a self-adaption billet feeding system, highly-efficient circulation control system and built-in hydraulic control system, leading to high efficiency and stable quality. Till now, we have developed a full series of 18MN-150Mn double-action short-stroke aluminum alloy extrusion presses and sold about 20 sets to domestic and foreign clients. We are fortunately to get involved in the draw up of national mechanical standards for horizontal single-acting and double-action aluminum extrusion press. At the same time, the double-action short-stroke aluminum extrusion press also won the second prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award.

3. In 2007, we successfully developed 125MN double-cylinder open die forging press and rail-type hydraulic forging manipulator, with independent intellectual property rights. The open die forging press implemented many advanced technologies, such as double-cylinder open die prestress stand, double-spherical-hinge loading structure, low-stress thread rod and direct transmission energy-saving electrohydraulic control system, thus realizing a forging frequency of 77-94 times/min and a precision of ±1mm. As for the rail-type hydraulic forging manipulator, it provides fast responding, high-precision control and reverse anti-backlash transmission.

So far, we have successfully manufactured a series of 25MN-125MN open die forging press and 430KN-1800KN rail-type hydraulic forging manipulator, with 16 sets scheduled.  We are fortunately to get involved in the draw up of national mechanical standards for double-cylinder open die forging press. Meanwhile, the double-cylinder open die forging press won the first prize of China Machinery Industry Science and Technology Award.